Foxy and the blackbirds

I think my ‘Lovely or Useful’ category is going to fill up too quickly. These are made by my friend Josse Davis.  Every single piece made with great skill and love of animals.… Continue reading

Garden Design

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LOVE IT..! Wont be able to make enough of these little beauties. Who doesn’t love their vegetable patch in neat lines with lovely lables?

Mudeford Beach Huts

The beach can be your garden too…. Check out these beautiful prints

Beautiful galvanised waterbutt

No excuse not to water! Watering can be such a chore. Rid yourself of the plastic eyesores and have as many old galvanised steel water butts as you can place around the garden… Continue reading

Greater Stitchwort

Greater Stitchwort nestling in the shady woodland of the Sussex Downs This is a reassuringly common British native wildflower and its gentle presence is very pleasing. Its old folk lore name is Dead Mans Bones… Continue reading

Wild Creeping Comfrey

Bright Zesty Comfrey and used for centuries to heal skin. Brew up a tea as a free tonic for your plants. Its easy: pick armfuls and put them in a bucket. cover with… Continue reading

Rosa Mme Alfred Carriere

White flushed with pink. Will romp up and over a pergola or an arch and has a delicate and freshest scent.


Come to my workshop at Christmas and make your own big fresh abundant wreath. This is definitely a time to make lovely things for your home.

A Proper Wendy House!

A beautiful 1920s wendy house built into the wall of Parham House. Its the prettiest house in miniature. Little rooms, staircase and best of all a proper fireplace. A note there tells you… Continue reading