Beautiful textural and structural Echinops in their final days of autumn and captured so beautifully by Advertisements


Old Michaelmas Day Goose Fair Day 10th  October Today is the day and I am so delighted because for once I have married the event with the actual date! Normally it crosses my… Continue reading

Alternative use for the greenhouse

One minute I’m making plans for my greenhouse and then I peer in through the murky glass to discover that two turkeys and four guinea fowl have taken up residence. Well, that sorts… Continue reading

The Elderberry

Does the sight of an elderberry bush creaking under the weight of its drooping clusters of plump berries fill you with consternation? To me, nothing is more galling: just how can something so… Continue reading

Collecting Seeds

The gardening equivalent of make do and mend; the ultimate in worthy pursuits. A treasured plant proffers its usually dried gnarled batch of woody oddities to give you endless veg and profusions of lush… Continue reading

The Autumn List

The Downs today were spectacular. Everything was overgrown and rampant. I walked through a field that only six months ago was rough with scrubby mounds and mud clagged grass, but today here was… Continue reading

Woodland Sculpture

A beautiful piece of tree sculpture in Sharpham Park, Devonshire. There is nothing to announce that it is there but you stumble upon it when out walking.

Weaving The Boundary Line

Love layered hedgerows and never want to see another fence panel in my life! I have discovered there is a National Hedgelaying Society dedicated to ensuring that this craft remains alive and well providing training,… Continue reading


Very excited about my artichoke plants; beautiful architectural things that they are. SADLY I have to cut off the baby ones this year to allow the plant to put all its energy into growing into… Continue reading

Mexican Fleabane

I am mildly obsessed with this little daisy. I love the way it just grows in the most inhospitable places in the most sweet and friendly manner. It doesnt look particularly stressed in all this rain but… Continue reading

Malva moschata

This beautiful native mallow has blown in on the prevailing wind and taken up residence in my garden.  It will now gently self seed about coaxing in the pollen lovers. Its pretty colour… Continue reading

Hedge woundwort

It isn’t ‘in your face’ beautiful but if you stop and look you will see it has such pretty petals with white markings to help the bees find their way to the nectar.  It is… Continue reading

The ‘Indian Prince’

Ten reasons why to plant a humble marigold; not the bedding plant French variety but choose the pretty taller English Pot Marigold –  ‘Indian Prince’ is the best: 1. His bright colour adds… Continue reading

Summer flower vinegar

Today the beautiful fluffy plumes of meadowsweet were alight in the damp ditches on the back roads up to the South Downs. The heavy atmosphere of dark brooding skies and humid air accentuate… Continue reading

Beautiful Gate

The romance of a gate.

Beautiful Blowsy Blooms

A bucket full of peonies has to be essential.