Winter Honeysuckle

So pretty and fresh with flowers like little balls of scrunched up tissue paper and stamens heavy with pollen. Looks lovely planted near a wall so the top can grow up and hang… Continue reading


I just cannot tire of Euphorbia charachias subsp ‘wulfenii’. In early summer this plant has lovely acid green bracts that hold their own within a mixed border. They are tall slightly masculine plants but I… Continue reading

Its the Top of the Year

The promise of unfurling days still blanketed up in fat furry frosty sage that look almost cozy-wozy.

Wreath Making Update

Its been a fantastic December wreath making at Forge Cottage 2012.  My workshop is in no way an ode to manicured living; oh how I wish!, but somehow it pulls together to make… Continue reading

Simple Happy Christmas Cooking…

Loving the home grown turkey. It tasted beautiful and none of us got sudden onset squeamishness. Bacon-ed, thymed & saged, olive oil, some flakes of Malden Salt and a tipping in of some white… Continue reading

Beautiful Decay

Colours and textures are held suspended in a crisp still air but it wont be long now before they are washed through and gone for another year. Its just lovely to wander aimlessly… Continue reading


It always pays to embrace the season and so at this time of year I could say my heart turns to stone! Of course there is always an inner hanker for a lusty… Continue reading

Love is

….my Storm Kettle! Quite seriously this is the best present I have ever been given (Well O.K, second to my gramophone). It heats the water really quickly and it even whistles.  We’ve had… Continue reading

Ash Tree Die Back

Ash tree disease: Britain will never look the same again – Telegraph. (Click here for full article)

Bangers & Bangers

It was one for the children and the big children: we built a bonfire and built it high. We stashed bags of marshmallows, made toffee apples and stock piled sparklers. To make things… Continue reading

Winter Workshops 2012

“I have made wreaths at Max’s workshops for the past two years and it is the best way to start Christmas!  The atmosphere is brilliant – so friendly and welcoming. Whether or not… Continue reading

The Cats Whiskers

I’ve just planted up these lovely little winter violas into pots.Their jolly little faces will hopefully cheer me up a little now the weather is about to turn. The children just love to pick… Continue reading

Deviling with garlic

There is something really heart warming about planting big fat juicy white bulbs into dark and finely tilled soil. It’s not just the colour contrast of black and white; of course there all… Continue reading

Rescued from the rain..

This must be the last bunch of the summer cosmos and salvias… it feels like a win.

A glorious day

My plan is made: Tomorrow is a soil day. It’s an earth day and a compost day. It’s a dig it, rake it, scrape it day. It’s a wind on ya face and… Continue reading


There has been a hive of activity in our kitchen the last two nights and more is yet to come. We are brewing up some of this gorgeous aromatic dark liquid to bedazzle our guests… Continue reading