Anyone for French Cricket?

Do you notice how the children perk up when after supper you say lets have a game, or lets go for a walk or lets do something.  What! they think, get to swerve… Continue reading

Stanstead Garden Event

Had to clear off out of the house today: too many blokes doing bloke stuff under my feet. Am no prissy and can take a bit of builder action but for once I… Continue reading

You Want A Show Garden?

Needed a beauty fix. Don’t mean a facial. Drove along the low winding road that edges along the North side of the South Downs. Fuzzy greenery in every shade. Today the majestic Horse Chestnuts… Continue reading

Greeness and Apple Blossoms

May is whooooooshing in. Every day the greeness is unfolding. Every year it is quite possible to fall in love with the beech leaves anew. Was loving the garden today even though it… Continue reading

The Garden Inspiration and Planning Project

More Plants

Cant stop buying plants. Did a little trip to a tiny nursery up the road and came away with my fist clenched around some lovelies. More catmint to fill some gaps. A little… Continue reading

Lovely Long Days

So here we are, nearly end of April and at last every thing is creaking into full swing. In just two weeks everything is growing and budding and have had some lovely long… Continue reading

Rustic Chestnut Trellis

Although it remains cold I have had a lovely few days getting things done. I wont list out everything but am very happy with a rustic chestnut pole trellis that we made. Up… Continue reading

RIP my little Snake’s heads

Am a tiny bit sad… There is a lovely house not far from here where I walk a lot. It was on the market and I would indulge in moments of ‘it belongs… Continue reading

Dreaming on

Why on earth should we have something as passé as a bathroom! I used to bath my baby girl in a galvanised tub in the lowering sun in Italy.. there is no plumbed in tub… Continue reading

It is Spring really!

It doesn’t feel like spring at all but it is creeping in very tentatively all around us. Flowering current is not to every ones taste, but I have vivid childhood memories of this shining pinkly… Continue reading

My Strawberry Talisman

When you are just completely sick and tired of the rain and feeling too cold and damp to even think about hitting the garden, frankly you just gotta bring the floral inside. Queen… Continue reading

”Garden design…

”Garden designers do not tend to do a job and then disappear, as an interior designer or architect might. They are in it for the long haul. This means that successful garden designers… Continue reading

A Few Lovely Shrubs

I recently went to a talk and first up was a discussion about planting. We edged on to the use of shrubs vs. other planting groups. I have to speak for myself and… Continue reading

My Garden Ghost

An afternoon, half term, some solar powered energy (ie being outside and the sun is shining on me), some lying around trash equals a Garden Ghost. Its very odd but I feel like… Continue reading

Got Lots of Pots

The growing season is just about upon us and old terracotta pots will just inspire you to get on with it. Even stacked up and empty they look lovely so just imagine how… Continue reading