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Wild Flower Treasures

Haven’t added a wild flower for a long while and noticed this year these are growing abundantly. Little pink trumpets of the field bindweed. Oh that word, but it is such a little… Continue reading

RIP my little Snake’s heads

Am a tiny bit sad… There is a lovely house not far from here where I walk a lot. It was on the market and I would indulge in moments of ‘it belongs… Continue reading

Malva moschata

This beautiful native mallow has blown in on the prevailing wind and taken up residence in my garden.  It will now gently self seed about coaxing in the pollen lovers. Its pretty colour… Continue reading

Hedge woundwort

It isn’t ‘in your face’ beautiful but if you stop and look you will see it has such pretty petals with white markings to help the bees find their way to the nectar.  It is… Continue reading

Greater Stitchwort

Greater Stitchwort nestling in the shady woodland of the Sussex Downs This is a reassuringly common British native wildflower and its gentle presence is very pleasing. Its old folk lore name is Dead Mans Bones… Continue reading

Wild Creeping Comfrey

Bright Zesty Comfrey and used for centuries to heal skin. Brew up a tea as a free tonic for your plants. Its easy: pick armfuls and put them in a bucket. cover with… Continue reading