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Stanstead Garden Event

Had to clear off out of the house today: too many blokes doing bloke stuff under my feet. Am no prissy and can take a bit of builder action but for once I… Continue reading

Dreaming on

Why on earth should we have something as passé as a bathroom! I used to bath my baby girl in a galvanised tub in the lowering sun in Italy.. there is no plumbed in tub… Continue reading

Got Lots of Pots

The growing season is just about upon us and old terracotta pots will just inspire you to get on with it. Even stacked up and empty they look lovely so just imagine how… Continue reading

Love is

….my Storm Kettle! Quite seriously this is the best present I have ever been given (Well O.K, second to my gramophone). It heats the water really quickly and it even whistles.  We’ve had… Continue reading

Beautiful Blowsy Blooms

A bucket full of peonies has to be essential.

Foxy and the blackbirds

I think my ‘Lovely or Useful’ category is going to fill up too quickly. These are made by my friend Josse Davis.  Every single piece made with great skill and love of animals.… Continue reading


LOVE IT..! Wont be able to make enough of these little beauties. Who doesn’t love their vegetable patch in neat lines with lovely lables?

Mudeford Beach Huts

The beach can be your garden too…. Check out these beautiful prints

Beautiful galvanised waterbutt

No excuse not to water! Watering can be such a chore. Rid yourself of the plastic eyesores and have as many old galvanised steel water butts as you can place around the garden… Continue reading