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The first step to wood smoke, mists and blankets

In total denial, but it’s too difficult to keep up the fight and finally am beginning the embrace. Checked blankets, wood fires and lovely woody colours lit up by dashes of bright.  It’s… Continue reading

Simple Happy Christmas Cooking…

Loving the home grown turkey. It tasted beautiful and none of us got sudden onset squeamishness. Bacon-ed, thymed & saged, olive oil, some flakes of Malden Salt and a tipping in of some white… Continue reading


There has been a hive of activity in our kitchen the last two nights and more is yet to come. We are brewing up some of this gorgeous aromatic dark liquid to bedazzle our guests… Continue reading

The Elderberry

Does the sight of an elderberry bush creaking under the weight of its drooping clusters of plump berries fill you with consternation? To me, nothing is more galling: just how can something so… Continue reading


Very excited about my artichoke plants; beautiful architectural things that they are. SADLY I have to cut off the baby ones this year to allow the plant to put all its energy into growing into… Continue reading

Summer flower vinegar

Today the beautiful fluffy plumes of meadowsweet were alight in the damp ditches on the back roads up to the South Downs. The heavy atmosphere of dark brooding skies and humid air accentuate… Continue reading