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Jones-Lloyd House and Garden Design

January is a fantastic month.  Although a hater of being cold I have always found winter rejuvenating more than inhibiting;  a time of renewal and change. It is a calm moment in the… Continue reading

Our Winter’s Eve

Halloween: an ancient tradition of layered Pagan, Celtic and Christian beliefs. All Hallows’, Hallows’ Eve, All souls’, All saints’ day. Day of the Dead; when the dead walk the earth. End of summer,… Continue reading


Every project that I work on becomes a personal connection and to get a lovely testimonial always means such a lot:       This sumptuous black iris (Iris chrysographes) became part of… Continue reading


  Always harsh to reach the end of the summer but exciting to look forward to the plans that can be made over winter. This year has been busy with all sorts of… Continue reading

Buckets of Love

This week I had the privilege to do some wedding flowers for a friend. I cannot pretend to have been anything but really sick with worry. The darling bride definitely wanted a wantonly… Continue reading

Signs and Songs

Suddenly we have clocked up a number of years living here. It is the usual mix of doing up a house and garden thing, and there has been a roof-off, hard-core building works,… Continue reading


Get out oh-Gordy-December and what a relief you are, Mrs-Pale-Fresh-January. The Atlantic gales are battering these shores and the electric lights are flickering uncertainly.  Our noisy Christmas heads require some peace and I… Continue reading

Holiday Cocktails: Burnt-Sugar Hot Buttered Rum

Originally posted on Katie at the Kitchen Door:
I love a hot drink in the winter. Not just the drink itself, but the anticipation of it as you trudge home in the cold,…

Planning for Spring

  Now is the perfect time to plan your garden for next year. If you start now you can hit the ground running in the new year PDF FILE spring planning spread the word!!!  … Continue reading

Better Than Sweets

I grant you, with pouring rain and grey skies its hard to look forward, but I’ve had a moment of delightful tulip shopping. There is a long way to go before the sharp… Continue reading

The Speckled Wood

Woody windy walk in Eartham Woods.  A bonus walk, because I wasn’t quite sure about stopping at all. They barely broke my conscious mind at first, but then oh Wow… I was surrounded… Continue reading

Building A Clay Oven

Wild free days in the woods with children making a clay oven. Its the starter version and we are going to get better at it….. Make your forma. Dig out the clay and… Continue reading

A bench with a view

Love to look at benches. Old park benches in memory of those held dear are joyful. Knackered and split. Painted and jolly. Stuck out on their own commanding a mountainous view or nestled… Continue reading

Anyone for French Cricket?

Do you notice how the children perk up when after supper you say lets have a game, or lets go for a walk or lets do something.  What! they think, get to swerve… Continue reading

Stanstead Garden Event

Had to clear off out of the house today: too many blokes doing bloke stuff under my feet. Am no prissy and can take a bit of builder action but for once I… Continue reading

Greeness and Apple Blossoms

May is whooooooshing in. Every day the greeness is unfolding. Every year it is quite possible to fall in love with the beech leaves anew. Was loving the garden today even though it… Continue reading