Jones-Lloyd House and Garden Design

January is a fantastic month.  Although a hater of being cold I have always found winter rejuvenating more than inhibiting;  a time of renewal and change. It is a calm moment in the calendar year to provide the mind with endless possibilities.

From this year both my husband and I will be working collaboratively; both our professional capabilities now bound together to form a tight working partnership.

We understand implicitly what it is to listen to each new client brief. No project is ever the same. We believe in coherent house and garden design that works within its environments with an eye on budget constraints, whatever that may be. We don’t have a mantra exactly but always have an eye on reclaimed, recycled and well crafted new. We believe in making homes and gardens that are workable, liveable places.  

We are planning our new studio, a place where our clients can come and meet us in a relaxed and professional environment. If a meeting heads towards lunch then something can be rustled up from our outside kitchen. Wood burner will be a-glow in winter. (Make no mistake we will no doubt argue endlessly about what music and radio station to listen to).  

We wish you a fab 2015.
Jones-Lloyd Design 2







Exciting Scary exciting very scary times ahead!