The Speckled Wood

Woody windy walk in Eartham Woods.  A bonus walk, because I wasn’t quite sure about stopping at all.

They barely broke my conscious mind at first, but then oh Wow… I was surrounded by a cloud of butterflies. They flit up, almost indistinguishable from the stony ground as if tiny pieces of earth, flint and chalk have taken flight. The more I look at them the more I am enchanted by their rich colouring. No photo, painting or observer picture does justice to these subtle creatures. Am worried that I might actually be kicking them up with my grubby boots…perhaps 40 or 50 counted on my entire walk. I am watching where I tread….it has become a silly game of butterfly ‘it’.

I have been reading about them now and although this particular variety of butterfly is not on the endangered list, it is/was heart warming to see them in huge numbers and no doubt the hot summer must have boosted all types of butterflies and can say easily I have had huge numbers of commas, peacocks and admirals in my own garden this year.

A tiny bit of good nature news in the usual downward trend. A good day then!

Butterfly Conservation Website


Barely distinguishable from the earth, flint and chalk


Earthy colouring