Anyone for French Cricket?

wpid-camera_Hagrid_Old.jpgDo you notice how the children perk up when after supper you say lets have a game, or lets go for a walk or lets do something.  What! they think, get to swerve the bath for a bit and have a spot more fun.  If it’s summer and the sun is still warm, and indeed often hotter than it has been all day it makes for a blissful hour of silly fun. When I-were-a-lass and had gone to stay with my wonderful friend Olivia,  quite often after supper her gorgeous mother would get us all outside to play  French Cricket and we would joyfully charge a glass with some delicious squash and head out and have a vibrant and shouty family game.

The Rules:

Any number of players and arm yourself with a ball and a bat (tennis racket and tennis ball is good though a bigger bouncy ball for younger children is probably a good idea).  Batsman chooses a place to stand and the fielders span out in a rough circle around the him. The first bowler would bowl towards the batsman aiming for his legs  or anywhere below the knees (or the ‘stumps’). Wherever the ball lands the nearest fielder would bowl again, however the batsman is not allowed to move his legs and instead has to twist and turn his body towards the next bowler using the bat to shield his feet. The aim of the bowler is to get the batsman’s legs or catch him out.  Whoever gets the batsman out becomes the new batsman. Each time you hit the ball you score a point.  Once through the team of players he with most points wins.

Anyway the excuse is just to be outside and I’ve never forgotten the deeply happy feeling of us all laughing and playing together.  It goes to show that these moments just stay with you.  It cant all be about spellings, can it?!

Ps this charming picture was drawn by my little six year old from memory, unaided,  unprompted and I LOVE it…