Stanstead Garden Event

Had to clear off out of the house today: too many blokes doing bloke stuff under my feet. Am no prissy and can take a bit of builder action but for once I didn’t feel like making gallons of tea, small talk and side stepping.  So I heard there was a garden show on and shipped out.

Trundled off, got lost because In my head I’d muddled the destination with Uppark and ignored the satnav thus drove around in circles while it pourrrred with rain.  Not a great start and resolve nearly crumbled but it was part of a greater plan. On arrival  the sun came out the queues evaporated and I was ready…

Always nice to have an amble and a non interrupted browse. No pressing desires for anything, no need to get back by a certain time, no list of must haves.  There were plenty of plant stalls and wasted nearly an hour just looking at climbers, trawling slowly along the lines looking at pictures and imagining.

Home: have in my possession: Three beautiful pots of tall peachy poppies (Papaver orientale ‘Princess Victoira Louisa’). Look at their flower buds about to bust open. They look like scrunched silk and they should turn into the most beautiful walzy dresses. One beautiful salvia that smells divinely of blackcurrants  (Salvia greggii ‘Blue Note’). Like all salvias it should be easy to take some cuttings of these so watch out, friends! It has the most vivid blue flower and joy, it is fully hardy. Two zinc lanterns. they push into the ground and I love their colour against green of the garden and will be sweet with candles in them in the early evening.  Three rusty poles with dried poppy heads at the top that are plant supports. Yet another two clematis (are they like shoes?) and I wont bore on about the lovely american lady selling lovely linen.

Not a lot but that’s quite enough shopping for a non shopper and today is beautiful and they must all have a home by five.