More Plants

Cant stop buying plants. Did a little trip to a tiny nursery up the road and came away with my fist clenched around some lovelies. More catmint to fill some gaps. A little geum all golden and bright. A couple more poncy papavers. I dont know how I did it but totally buggered one that had been doing quite well. Sort of trod on it and the frost came and finished off my devils work.  The new ones are sort of sultry peach and I know they will make gorgeous fairy dresses in ‘those magical worlds’ of my six year old. Mustn’t forget two delicious trays of dusty rose snap dragons , oh! and two scented pink geraniums possibly pelargoniums. This is all quite apart from the two bay trees and truck load of box balls that magically appeared.  However, there is one plant in all of this that I am really excited about. My Buddleja Black Knight.

People often voice their disgust. ‘Ughh, Buddleja of the railways’!, but what’s not to love really?  Easy, scented, fast growing and attracts all the right sort of endangered insects. Knighty is particularly handsome. He grows tall and each arched grey stem will grow to a deep purple point, much deeper than that of the lilac railway cousin. Each tiny flower has  a dot of an orange eye.

So! I have him, and he is going in the middle of my perennial border. Tomorrow I shall hoik  out a shrub to be moved elsewhere and he is going to rise up over the lupins, roses, catmint and euphorbia. I shall love him all the more for his lowly origin and encourage his royal patronage!