Lovely Long Days

Clemie for plantingSo here we are, nearly end of April and at last every thing is creaking into full swing.

In just two weeks everything is growing and budding and have had some lovely long days in the garden.  There is so much to do and am grateful for the light evenings.  Have been digging through my big herbaceous border and contemplated posting out a competition to see if I could win the ‘who can dig out the most creeping buttercups’, but mostly everything is doing well. The roses are looking good and the lupins are plumping up into big mounds.  There are masses of foxgloves although perhaps not as many as last year and now that I think about it the feverfew has not self seeded as prolifically as it usually does (so disappointing) and the  fennel is slow.

I have fed the roses, cut back a straggly clemie and moved barrow loads of compost into the raised beds.  I picked up the hazel sticks from the woodsman and put up wigwams for the beans and meangetout and have finally planted two rhubarb, five extra spurge and added another three lupins.  Have cut the hedges and thinned out the Lychnis and bought on a whim some floppy smoky pastelled pansies for my back door. I have added at least 3 more roses and 2 more clematis and  I then shovelled two ton bags of gravel and will have to order another. Then I rattled my seed tin: have planted wild rocket and ordinary rocket, lettuce, chard and spinach.  As well as the beans and mangetout we have beetroot and spring onions . The sweet peas are in and I have another two bundles of hazel twigs to weave some garden embroidery. I have cheated too and ordered some veggie seedlings  of broccoli and tomatoes so that I can just put them in when my final bed is dug over – delegate delegate.  Last night  I stuck in some Courgette ‘Soleil’ and this morning I sewed 15 ‘red kuri’ squash… I wont need them all and will give some away.

Now Grrrow Babies, Grow…..