Rustic Chestnut Trellis

Although it remains cold I have had a lovely few days getting things done. I wont list out everything but am very happy with a rustic chestnut pole trellis that we made.

Up until a couple of months ago I was driving my Landy in through the gate and sort of parking it directly in the garden. This could not continue and I needed to make the parking feel more separate. I have built out a formal symmetrical entrance into the

garden itself  that has a pair of apple trees either side to form a rough espalier and this new trellis is now going to form the other entrance round to the house.  The chestnut posts were banged into the ground to form 2 sets of uprights and then formed the criss-cross by stripping the bark away from the base of thinner hazel poles that were inserted tightly into drilled holes. We also used similar pegs to secure the top posts. It feels strong, secure and ever so noble not to have resorted to modern fixings. The whole structure might not last as long as pressure treated wood or green oak and it will be interesting to see how it toughs it out.

At its base I have planted a honeysuckle (rescued so couldn’t tell you the variety), Clematis Madame Bouchard and Rosa Zephirine Drouhin (Bourbon rose). The grass will next be dug away and a shingle path will compliment the strong edges and over lapping greenery.

Lots more still to do…