Dreaming on

Why on earth should we have something as passé as a bathroom!

I used to bath my baby girl in a galvanised tub in the lowering sun in Italy.. there is no plumbed in tub there and the simplicity of it made a moment of parenting perfection. Not many of those.

Of course there are all sorts of design issues not answered in this photo.. is there a plug, how does it drain, how far is the tap to fill it up… is it a cold tap and does it matter if that is all there is, or perhaps you could build a Heath Robinson type boiler to pipe in the water (a little fussy but maybe fun to do).  If its a hot country the water will probably heat up during the day. So the questions go on..

This particular picture is whipped from a stylist in Australia but it shows how something beautiful can fit effortlessly into our lives any where in the world. Maybe a few details to make it feel like home. Pots of herbs, roses….

There just needs to be another galvanised bucket with some ice cold beers just by the side of it.