It is Spring really!

It doesn’t feel like spring at all but it is creeping in very tentatively all around us.

Flowering current is not to every ones taste, but I have vivid childhood memories of this shining pinkly away along with the birdsong and sunshine. To me it is as an important a part of Spring as  the daffodils, primroses  and violets. I even like the smell. Its sort of jars, and I wouldn’t pick stems for the house but somehow out in the cold air it smells fresh and zesty. Others would put it differently.

A fast growing shrub – it will reward you with a sizeable plant within a few growing seasons.

I loved my photos of it.  They show the bright crisp air and knocking off of the light that makes them glow.

This is my reminder that the very ‘ordinary’ plants can give real pleasure.