My Strawberry Talisman

Hexi wallpapers

When you are just completely sick and tired of the rain and feeling too cold and damp to even think about hitting the garden, frankly you just gotta bring the floral inside.

Queen of All Things Pretty, Sarah Moore has an unrivaled eye for gently faded fabrics of various shades and hues. All dazzlingly pretty, bright and fresh. Her home is a sweet shop of floral, all layered up to wrap you in its soft linen weave when you step over her threshold. Like Dorothy you open the door from monochrome onto faded floral Technicolor. Hello Vintage World.

Saturday was bleak yet in the Village Hall a slice of this happy haze had set up home.  Deliciously comfy armchairs set on rugs with a soft pink stripy clothed table piled high with books and mags. It said: just take some time to sit and think pretty thoughts for a moment would you? The room was scented with jugs of fresh spring flowers and lit with pretty lamps. Girls arrived having left the usual Saturday chores well behind them. Coffee and croissants served with anticipation building.

There were a few tables set up to get the girls going on their projects. Like little mice from the Taylor of Gloucester they chattered, sewed, cut and glued. Pinboards with satisfying hexi shapes cut from Sarah’s beloved wallpaper collection. Lavender scented strawberries: some big fat ones, skinny ones, little embroidered ones. Heavenly scented soaps tied with pretty ribbons. Fat felted corsages with lace and button.  Snip snip chatter chatter.

A pretty girly lunch of deliciousy things were piled up temptingly on old floral china and then later, in case there was even hint of flagging spirits, a proper old-fashioned tea was rustled up with home baked cakes and scones with teeny tiny sandwiches and pots of tea to be  slurped from old bone china.

Every where floral, everything pretty, everything to make you feel good about life in our worlds of little time. Everyone said how they cherished what they had made, that it was an honour to have been allowed to rustle through Sarah’s crates of carefully sourced snippets of wool and ribbons, tins of buttons and YES, yards of floral heaven.  Just let it rain.

In anticipation of my strawberry patch I made very own velvet little talisman that will hang in the window to bring on the fruit season yet to come….

Have a look and see what she is up to next weekend, and in the weeks to come.