Bangers & Bangers

It was one for the children and the big children: we built a bonfire and built it high. We stashed bags of marshmallows, made toffee apples and stock piled sparklers. To make things easy we charged all and sundry to bring sausages and a firework but they came with their arms piled with twice as much and we filled a barrow full of pyro fun.

We dressed up warm and drank cold beers.  Friends bought friends and one kind man who we hadn’t met before took charge of the ferocious barbecue and we LOVE IT when everyone gets stuck in. The children skipped about and stuffed their faces with all that was on offer and they danced around the the big fire. The fireworks were amazing and all the better for the combined efforts. The final rocket bought a cheer and though it was early it felt as though it was properly late.  Oh goooodie!, a fun ‘night’ but time to clear up and be in bed by nine or as someone else said… home to watch Strictly!

Cheeks were flushed from being outside and children tired from all the good clean fun. Truly, thank goodness for our garden patch for though it is still a long way from ‘the plans’ this is still the stuff of our dreams.