Deviling with garlic

There is something really heart warming about planting big fat juicy white bulbs into dark and finely tilled soil. It’s not just the colour contrast of black and white; of course there all those antiseptic qualities the cloves hold and I’m sure my mother used to plant hers next to the roses to ward off the black spot.

It was at least a days weeding and general faffing in preparing to plant these bulbs but my reward was to invent a pretty pattern of onions and garlic edged with some wallflowers I found at knock down price yesterday. Wallflowers at this time of year look a bit straggly and no doubt will yellow even more and look miserable in the next few months. The bulbs now have been swallowed into the earth with just the onion sets peeping out if you look closely. Patience patience, come early spring this one bed will be singing, nay, shouting with a zesty gay abandon of orangey flowers and masses of tubular green stems. The devil will surely not be interested in that.