The Autumn List

The Downs today were spectacular. Everything was overgrown and rampant. I walked through a field that only six months ago was rough with scrubby mounds and mud clagged grass, but today here was a fulsome swathe of wild fennel and eupatorium. The whole mass was beginning to sag under its own weight of high stalks and ripening seeds that stood almost as tall as me. Set beyond were the trifle layers of the downland hills with fat green hedgerows zig zagging their boundary lines back and forth. It was silent apart from the perpetual insect buzz and it felt, as it always does when there is beautiful sunshine in September, slightly euphoric.

I am hard pushed to admit my favourite time of year but late summer always gets my attention. Bleached grasses that virtually glow in the lowering light, jolly sprigs of rosehips and baskets of apples are stirring things. Soon there will be morning mists over our low lying river and fields and as surely as the days shorten I feel the inevitable furrowed brow at not having achieved half the things I wanted to. But there is no time to fret because there is still time to hunker down and at least squeak in a few achievements before the whistle is blown. I am about commit my mental list to electronic posterity. I am nothing if not a list writer….

So here it is, personal berating’s and all…..

Clean the greenhouse and make it look lovely. Terracotta pots cleaned and stacked.

Do something nice like sow some sweet peas for next year. But for goodnessakes hurry up about it.

Order tulips. (Done).

Back yard. Stone. Clear out the weeds. Get the chestnut posts in.

Tackle the hedges.

Mark out the boundary for the chairs and its extra flower border.

Driveway. Clear it and put down pebbles (don’t feel bad if this is next year).

Take some cuttings of Skimmia for some pots outside.

Sort out veg beds for a fabulous unhindered year next year.

Sort out small triangular bed and move winter honeysuckle.

Plant the beautiful clematis ‘Comtesse de Bouchaud’.

Completely clear and overhaul the front of house… a years work in itself!.

Order some roses.

So there it is. No time to stop.