Weaving The Boundary Line

Love layered hedgerows and never want to see another fence panel in my life!

I have discovered there is a National Hedgelaying Society dedicated to ensuring that this craft remains alive and well providing training, books to buy and competitions. (http://www.hedgelaying.org.uk/)

I just think of all the Leylandii that are taking over the world and think that perhaps we should plant some a native hedging where ever possible. What could be better than a clipped hornbeam or beach hedge for a formal line or indeed a muddle of dog rose and hawthorn where it doesn’t matter? 

I have been known to drag home piles of old birch twigs and weave some edges to my veggie plots and I call it my garden knitting. Sadly it doesn’t last much longer than a year and then you have to do it again but I have grown to love the ephemeral nature of it and each year you can create something slightly different playing with the height of the edges and the way you weave it.