The ‘Indian Prince’

Ten reasons why to plant a humble marigold; not the bedding plant French variety but choose the pretty taller English Pot Marigold –  ‘Indian Prince’ is the best:

1. His bright colour adds a charming element to your veg patch

2. He is a classic planting companion

3. Off sets the other ‘good taste’ pastels in your garden

4. Looks fabulous as a bright and breezy bunch in a jam jar for your kitchen

5.  It shines, even while all around you it is pouring with rain

6. Great for wildlife

7. You could get clever and make some face cream and tonics from the petals.

8. Self seeds about gently

9. So easy to grow the children could do it for you

10 The petals are edible and can be scattered on salads or used to add colour to food –  it is also known as ‘poor mans saffron’

After all these reasons – why not?