Summer flower vinegar

Today the beautiful fluffy plumes of meadowsweet were alight in the damp ditches on the back roads up to the South Downs. The heavy atmosphere of dark brooding skies and humid air accentuate their creamy colour and fragrant almond scent.  I picked an armful to add to other edible flowers to make into a summery flower vinegar. Doesn’t it always feel good to make something from practically nothing?!

How to make flower vinegar:

Gather flowers that are scented and edible. Mine are honeysuckle, common daisy, violas, meadowsweet, rose, pot marigold and a few elderflowers (as the summer has been cooler there are still a lot to be found).  Check over for bugs and shake them off gently. Put the petals into a scrupulously clean glass jar and fill up with a wine vinegar. Perhaps finish it off by covering the lid with some pretty fabric or drawing a label. Steep for a month or so. Lovely to use in salad dressings.