Profile and My Passion for Gardens

I am passionate about gardens, and it is something that has been nurtured throughout my life. Some of my earliest memories are of growing my own row of gazanias and sweet peas, picking mange-tout and tomatoes for supper. Father Christmas put roses in my stocking, and our garden at home was very much an extension of our house, and if I could have dragged my bed up into the run of tall yew trees we have there, I happily would have. Years later, one of my first weekend jobs was to work at John Brookes’ garden at Denmans, and I connected at once with what it was to be in and stare at a beautiful three dimensional space.

I love so many different elements of the hundreds of gorgeous gardens there are out there to tempt any one of us. There’s the informal abundance of the English cottage garden with roses and clematis spilling over but there are situations when a clean simplicity is in order; and then there are courtyard gardens and wildlife gardens and prairie plantings.  How awe-inspiring to see clipped topiary, and neat rows of vegetables and espaliered trees. How dreamy and romantic are meadows full of wild flowers and poppies, woodlands with bluebells and tree houses. And then there are ancient apples trees alive with spring blossom; pottagers that are a jumble of colour and don’t mind the odd weed; terraces that are ideal for long summer parties, and family gardens where shrieking laughter is as part of its ethos as much as a quiet place to read. This is not to mention the scented roses, honeysuckles and wisterias that want to wrap themselves wantonly over bowers, or the screech-to-a-halt waxy candles of the enormous magnolias that shine in early spring.  I could go on: so many settings and different requirements and such a beautiful, wide and endlessly colourful palate from which to create each garden story.

I truly believe that we are all happier people if we make a connection with our outside spaces. We are grounded when we are noticing the seasons and healthier when we are walking in our beautiful surroundings, and if we are lucky enough to have an outside plot to call our own, where we can grow some herbs or develop something visionary over a lifetime, we should consider ourselves truly blessed, as there cannot be a better place to give vent to our instinct to create, nurture and protect – as Francis Bacon said “Gardening is the purest of human pleasures.”

I love working with my clients and building up each new working relationship and I am brimming with ideas, but its not just talk; I help by being able to see the whole picture and then I set ideas into a plan that enables each client envisage their dream and then the dream can then go on to be created and become a living, breathing bespoke garden to cherish.